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    (Berthed or anchorage)

    N2 Gas:

    The mobile evaporator plant consist of two Iso 20 feet containers:

    A Cryotank Container able to transport and store 15.000 Kg (Approx.) liquid nitrogen to 10 Bar of pressure (12.500 Nm3).

    And a Dry Container containing four atmospheric evaporators.

    The mobile evaporator plant supplies in a controlled way a volume of 200 to 2000 m3/h with a temperature from 5º to 40ºC of nitrogen gas. The flow control is done with two fluid-meters (Ranges 100/1000 - 300/3000 Nm3/h )

    Both containers are mounted on a trailer located in Algeciras Port which can be mobilised anywhere in Spain where the services are required. (Other ports or ship yards).

    We also offer our services at Gibraltar Bay while the ship is anchored; for this operation both containers will be shipped on a barge which remains alongside your ship during supply operation.

    The quality of the N2 supplied: Linde standard 4.5: contents of N2 > 99.995%, H2O + O2 < 10 ppm (dew point < - 60.5ºC).

    Hose Connections: 4´´ASA 150, 4´´ASA 300, 3´´ASA 150, 2´´ASA 150

    N2 Liquid:

    This service is available:

    • When the ship is on berth - from the tank truck of our supplier;
    • Anchored in Bay - Cryotank container shipped on a barge.
    • Hose Connections: 2´´ASA 150, 3´´ASA 150

    NOTE: The cryotank container can be refilled in situ during operations as many times as you need, we do not have restriction or limitation for the quantity of N2 to be supplied.

    When the ship is anchored, the time for refilling is 3 hours.

    N2 Gas for Cold Test:

    Mobil plant can supply up to 6000 m3/h. -180º C of N2 cold gas

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    Gasmarine has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund, whose objective is to achieve a more competitive business fabric and thanks to which it took part in the Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition (Athens, Greece) to promote its international expansion. This event took place between 4 and 8 June 2018. It also received support from the International Promotion Scheme run by the Campo de Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce.

    Gas Marine Pro ha sido beneficiaria del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional cuyo objetivo es conseguir un tejido empresarial más competitivo y gracias al que ha participado en la acción: Visita Feria East Med Marine and Offshore Exhibition en Chipre para fomentar su internacionalización . Esta acción ha tenido lugar del 20 al 21 de abril de 2023. Para ello ha contado con el apoyo del Programa Internacional de Promoción de la Cámara de Comercio del Campo de Gibraltar

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