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    Dewpoint meters

    Dewpoint meters | Gas Marine

    To maintain reliable dewpoint readins and to ensure optimin instrument accuracy, Alpha Moisture Systems recommend annual calibration. For some critical applications, or where contaminants may be present, it may be more appropriate to increase the frequency of calibration to every six months.

    The laboratory calibration service covers the range -100ºC to +20ºC dewpoint, with the range -90ºC to +20ºC traceable to the UK National Humidity Standard at the National Physical Laboratory.

    Each sensot or instrument is conditioned to a series of nominally 10 known humidity levels (the actual number can vary according to the instrument range) and the readins recorded against those of the reference hygrometer on the traceable Certificate of Calibration.

    All calibration prodedures are carried out in accordance with Alpha Moisture Systems Quality Assurance system, witch is accredited to ISO9001.2000.


    Verification: Verification of the detector according to 3 procedure points of our master equipment, estimated delivery time 1 day.

    Calibration: Calibration made by maker as above procedure, estimated delivery time 2 weeks.

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    Gasmarine has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund, whose objective is to achieve a more competitive business fabric and thanks to which it took part in the Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition (Athens, Greece) to promote its international expansion. This event took place between 4 and 8 June 2018. It also received support from the International Promotion Scheme run by the Campo de Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce.